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📡 Weekly Relay Recap #63 🛰️

Pocket’s growth has been immense this past week. WRR63 will cover March 23 - March 31, 2022 relays and overall performance.
📡 Weekly Relay Recap #63 🛰️

Hey Pocketeers, this has been quite a week. So much to report and unpackage in this week’s WRR63.

Pocket’s growth has been immense this past week, with the day over day - and even hour over hour - rapidly climbing relays.  This week was a whirlwind of said growth. We have worked relentlessly to support more blockchains to the network and boost the capability of application developers.  WRR63 will cover March 23 - March 31, 2022 relays and overall performance. (Data sources: C0D3R and POKTscan)

New Chains

Integrating new chains on Pocket Network is essential for the growth of the protocol, given our supply & demand incentive mechanisms. The more service relays the network supports, the more revenue node runners receive, creating a cycle of attracting more runners, servicing more relays, and offering a better service for applications.

DFKchain Subnet Launch

Last week we were in Barcelona for the AVAX Summit ramping up and locking in the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain subnet launch on March 30th. Pocket is super happy to continue supporting DFK players during their cross-chain expeditions, especially since Avalanche is already a Pocket-supported ecosystem. With the launch of Crystalvale, we will be bringing the same quality of service to Avalanche and DFK subnet, complementing their near-instant finality, for a snappy user experience!

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DFKChain Subnet on chain performance saw 40M+ relays in the first 24H of its launch and was the top 5 performing chain during that period.

Boba Mainnet Launch

On March 28, we announced the launch of mainnet for Ethereum L2 solution Boba Network, a next-generation Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution that reduces gas fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the capabilities of smart contracts. "The Boba Network team has been shipping a really cutting edge rollup with a unique sequencer-centered node structure,” said Rich Cuellar-Lopez, Marketplace Lead at Pocket Network. “Given their advanced computation functionality and their ability to decentralize their other nodes within their set, Pocket Network nodes fit seamlessly into the equation."


600, 700, 800, 900M relays……….oh my!

Every day this week Pocket relays were hitting all-time highs (ATH), and at one point every few hours. This latest surge was shown throughout the week when several single-day relay ATH records were achieved, oftentimes consecutively.  We started WRR63 week by reaching 600M daily relays. By week’s end, we were reporting up to 900M relays in a 24H period.

Daily relays soared nearly 2x week over week and 4x month over month.

Weekly relays grew 2x week over week and also surpassed the best weekly relays reported thus far in 2022 by 2x.

Chain Highlights

Harmony reached 2B relays this week and doubled its performance week over week. According to Richard Cuellar-Lopez, our Head of Marketplace, "Pocket has continued to be an invaluable public good for the Harmony Community. As their chain blossoms and their ecosystem sees increased attention, our Public RPC and individual Portal endpoints have been very busy this last week."

And let’s not overlook Polygon. Last week Polygon Mainnet relays increased by 371% this week going from 225M relays in the week before last to 1B+ relays. This week Polygon also had a stellar week reaching 2B relays in total which is 2x from last week. This uptick is due to the RPC endpoint aggregator across several RPC providers. "As our Network Node health for Polygon has improved, our Pocket endpoints have received more traffic from the RPC aggregator. The growth has been a confluence of Polygon as an ecosystem maintaining its popularity (overall pie staying pretty big), and Pocket's great node service becoming more eligible for its Public RPC service (our slice getting slightly larger)," said Cuellar-Lopez.

Node Infrastructure

Pocket’s node infrastructure has grown 33% over the last 45 days to further strengthen its resiliency. Relays are being serviced by hundreds - if not thousands - of independent node runners across 6 continents. 40K+ nodes are now serving apps at once.


We are inches away from BILLION daily relays. Our relay growth is evidence of a massive acceleration of growth in the web3 ecosystem as a whole. In parallel to the growth in relays has been our community. It is truly remarkable to see how many people see the importance of what we are building.


A Decentralized Solution to Access Handling by Messari

The Decentralized Marketplace for Blockchain Connectivity by Delphi Digital

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