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Tying a Bow on wPOKT 🎁

Tying a Bow on wPOKT 🎁

Earlier in Q2, we announced wPOKT, a micro-economy looking to bring our innovative tokenomics and unstoppable infrastructure to Ethereum DeFi projects and Dapps.

Since then we have kept our head down and worked hard, posting regular updates to our community through our newsletter and Twitter. In these weeks, we have also seen incredible excitement and received valuable community feedback, which has helped to shape wPOKT’s trajectory.

At this time, the wPOKT farming app has been built by Raid Guild and is ready to go ✅

Check out the UI for the wPOKT LBP sales page designed by Raid Guild:

We’ll also be using the Alchemist copper front-end for the wPOKT LBP. Overall, it will provide users with a much better experience ⚗️

The Pocket DAO and Pocket Network Foundation intend to move forward with wPOKT, the Ethereum bridge, and the LBP regardless of current market conditions. Our regen data farming program and economic flywheels are designed to add value in any market condition so recent volatility in the macro- crypto market is not of concern.

After listening to the requests of our community, the timing of the wPOKT farming launch has been reevaluated to coordinate it more closely with the timing of the wPOKT<>POKT bridge launch.

While the original intention was to launch wPOKT farming now and the bridge sometime in Q3, we will now be launching wPOKT a bit later, so that the gap between the wPOKT farming launch and the wPOKT<>POKT bridge launch is significantly shorter.

This extra time will be used to ensure a more unified, coordinated, and smoother launch. We understand that wPOKT will be many users’ first time in the Pocket Ecosystem, so we should make sure it is the best experience possible for these new regen farmers.

Although we still have not landed on exact dates for each release yet, we do intend to share with the community as soon as we do.

No action is required of users — thanks for your continued patience as we continue to work on something that truly decentralizes the future of web3.

Sign up for email updates and alerts at https://bit.ly/WrappedPOKT!

If you have any questions, reach out to the Pocket Network team within our Discord community server.