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Where Ethereum Meets Cosmos: Pocket’s Support of Evmos

Pocket Network has now serviced more than 2 billion data relays for Evmos, helping to decentralize the chain's infrastructure.
Where Ethereum Meets Cosmos: Pocket’s Support of Evmos

Evmos is an EVM-compatible network in the Cosmos ecosystem, boosting the cross-chain ability of applications while offering additional use cases for users and developers. Pocket has been supporting Evmos since early 2022, with the chain’s adoption elevating it to one of the top 15 sources of data relays on Pocket Network. Discover more about Evmos in this edition of Pocket Partners.

Bringing the Benefits of Cosmos and EVM Together

Evmos has the best of both worlds: the power and adoption of Ethereum, with the scalability, composability, and cost efficiency of Cosmos.

Evmos shares a mission with Pocket: the interoperability of crypto and Web3. The Evmos team has built a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain compatible with Ethereum, bringing more user incentives and a friendly experience for developers to build on its ecosystem.  

Evmos is bringing three main advantages from its consensus and technology choices:

  1. Ready to build Web3 applications, instantly incorporating Ethereum
  2. High output from using the Cosmos SDK (running on Tendermint Core)
  3. Scalability potential for dApps via the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol

Evmos is also fostering its community and development efforts by establishing grants for people and projects looking to boost its ecosystem, develop new applications, and explore new use cases on its chain.

A Vibrant Ecosystem of Applications Across Verticals

More developers are focusing on Evmos and the Cosmos infrastructure to build the next age of decentralized applications.

According to DeFi Llama, the Evmos ecosystem currently supports over $3.4 million in Total Value Locked, up from just over $1 million since early August, despite the challenging market conditions across crypto. At its peak, in May 2022, Evmos TVL reached nearly $15 million.

The Cosmos ecosystem is boosting the efforts of developers to create new solutions in Web3, while enabling its multi-chain future. Some of the most popular decentralized applications (dApps) include:

  • Decentralized exchanges like Diffusion Finance, EvmoSwap, Cronus Finance, and Saddle Finance
  • Yield aggregators, such as Earnmos and Autofarm
  • Cross-chain protocols like Connext
  • NFT marketplaces like the Orbit Marketplace
  • New protocols and stablecoins like Flux Protocol and Kinesis

2 Billion Relays Serviced for Evmos

In mid-2022, amid the launch of the Evmos Mainnet, Pocket became an infrastructure partner for the chain, helping to decentralize its node structure and bringing increased reliability, maximum uptime, and high-performance.

Evmos has been a growing chain in the Pocket ecosystem since that time, with the number of serviced data relays starting to take off in July, and rising above 400 million monthly relays in November. Overall, Pocket has now serviced more than 2 billion relays for Evmos since beginning to support the chain in May.

In mid-November, we saw Evmos relays jump nearly 60%, with daily relays approaching 20 million, showing the increased adoption of this chain.

Build on Evmos with Decentralized Infrastructure

Are you building your application on Evmos? Pocket can help you.

Pocket’s decentralized network of nearly 25K node runners is built to service multichain data needs, and to be a one-stop shop for low latency and maximum uptime for your dApp.

Evmos is one of the 40+ blockchains that Pocket Network supports in its mission to make Web3 access unstoppable, effectively bringing Web3’s multi-chain goals into reality.

With the freshly improved Pocket Portal, you can access Evmos and all other supported chains in the Pocket ecosystem, and quickly mint an endpoint to service your data needs in a few simple steps.

To boost the initial growth of your dApp, Pocket’s Always Free tier for applications enables up to 250,000 daily RPC calls, while the new “Pay As You Go” pricing plan follows your growth trajectory and enables a cost-efficient way to service any amount of data relays you need.

Check out the new Pocket Portal and start accessing data from Evmos today.

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