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Pocket Core MVP: For Developers

Pocket Core MVP is live! This is a great opportunity for Developers who are interested in connecting their applications to the Ethereum and/or AION network, with more blockchains to be offered in the future.
Pocket Core MVP: For Developers

Pocket Core MVP is live! This is a great opportunity for Developers who are interested in connecting their applications to the Ethereum and/or AION network, with more blockchains to be offered in the future.

Pocket SDKs make it incredibly straightforward to create cryptocurrency wallets, and send relay requests to the blockchain of choice through the Pocket network. Javascript web, Android, and iOS developers are all welcome.

During MVP, developers can execute (send/submit) relays for their applications, by routing requests to full nodes on AION and Ethereum. Developers have access to Pocket’s open source code and are encouraged to contribute through the GitHub.

Here is an overview of Pocket Core MVP for Developers:

- Connect their applications to Ethereum and/or AION through simple plugins (more blockchains in the future).

- Enjoy Pocket SDK suite that consists of open source code for creating wallets, and executing functions from the client-side with just a few lines of code.

- Receive an Airdrop of PXKT (ERC-20) upon registration, for their participation and collaboration.

- Ability to run an allotted amount of relays free of charge as we test the throughput of the Pocket network, and establish the node infrastructure.

Continued collaboration with the Pocket Core team of developers and community is encouraged as the project rolls out from MVP and advances for the test network. Let’s look at the 2 platforms that developers can sync up with easily during the Pocket Core MVP phase of the project.

Pocket Core MVP DApp Developers (ETH, AION)

DApp developers today understand that running their own node infrastructure compounds the amount of time and resources required for deploying a great DApp on the network. Pocket Core MVP is an opportunity to fetch and utilize the blockchain data necessary to run a DApp, without the burden of running nodes.

Steps to connect:

  1. Download the SDK.
  2. Initiate the Pocket instance by defining:
  • DevID.
  • Network and NetId.

3. Call the function you’d like to execute.

  • Send transaction.
  • Query blockchain data.
  • Utilize many other RPC calls.

Developer Experience- Early adoption

A key initiative for Pocket Network is the developer experience. Pocket SDKs and Plugins are designed to create a simple process for app developers to connect their builds with decentralized node infrastructure so they can request, retrieve, and store the data necessary for providing their users with blockchain-enabled applications. Beyond the open source code, and documentation, the Pocket community strives to make educational content readily available for all onboarding application developers, this includes step by step walkthroughs and proof of concept apps.

Alongside the Pocket Core MVP launch, we are writing out a robust developer portal. Getting the node infrastructure up and running properly is priority number one, and ensuring that developers can plug into the network is of equal importance. The Developer Experience team is working in tandem with the Core team to guarantee end to end, efficient usability of the Pocket network heading towards test network and main network launches.

Developers who partake in Pocket Core MVP phase are early adopters with these advantages:

- Configuration at the onset of the Pocket Network means updates in real time, progressing for the test network launch later in 2019.

- Position to utilize actual blockchain relays without paying, as a perk for supporting the network iteration, and proliferation.

- Feedback to shape community initiatives and drive individual vision into the collective decision-making process.

- Incentives from the get-go and option to scope out future contribution to developer experience on new external blockchains of choice.

Long Term Implications

In 2019, there are still simply not enough full nodes out there to support the growth of decentralized application adoption worldwide. At this juncture, connecting to a single service provider means inevitable centralization over time, with the risks of unnecessary censorship and lack of application resilience. The only way this can change, and be sustained in a decentralized manner is through a protocol that aligns client-side requests with a distributed network of nodes, and properly incentivizes those nodes for providing the infrastructure in a secure, and collusion-proof manner: this is the Pocket Network’s vision.

With Pocket Core MVP, we break ground and establish blockchain relay services with the goal of securely advancing MVP’s single “trusted” Dispatch service node to a “trustless” public coordination network.

Pocket Network connects applications to full node infrastructure. DApp developers no longer need to be burdened by running nodes themselves. Additionally, Pocket’s robust developer portal and SDK suite foster simple and frictionless usage for developers who are busy working on their killer DApps.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in getting your application synced with Ethereum and/or AION during Pocket Core MVP and would like to look at the open source code first, please head directly to our github wiki. Alongside the release of Pocket Core MVP, we will launch a developer portal complete with tutorials and walkthrough videos for simple guides.

Register for Pocket Core MVP as a developer follow the Registration form.

After your registration has been finalized you will be eligible to receive a PXKT token airdrop. This token will be used for voting/rewards in community programs related to the continued development of the Pocket Network ecosystem.

We look forward to collaborating with you to ensure mainstream DApp adoption.

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Originally published at https://www.pokt.network on April 9, 2019.