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Fuse is the fastest growing platform on Pocket Network. Bringing open finance to communities around the world.

Fuse Network is the fastest growing platform on Pocket Network.
Fuse is the fastest growing platform on Pocket Network. Bringing open finance to communities around the world.

Since the release of “Settlers of New Chains” a DAO led process for onboarding new blockchains into the network, Fuse has been the fastest growing platform to date!

Fuse is a PoS blockchain platform we've been working closely together with since February, so you can think of this as the welcoming back of an old friend.

At first, Pocket Network was integrated into their FUSE <> ETH Token Bridge. It made the functioning of the bridge much more efficient and way less expensive, as Fuse no longer had to operate Ethereum full-node infrastructure. This freed them up to focus on what matters!

Since then, Fuse has gone through the Settlers of New Chains process becoming a revenue-generating blockchain for node operators to spin up and start serving applications in exchange for POKT.

After quite a bit of beta testing with both teams, we are excited to formally announce Fuse will be using Pocket (the protocol) as a primary infrastructure provider for its ecosystem.

We’ve already seen 2600+ of Pocket Nodes pointing Fuse base layer full-nodes. As more traffic gets routed through the Pocket Network from Fuse applications, expect for both nodes to grow in number.  

Why you should 💙 Fuse.

If this is your first time hearing about our partner Fuse, you can read a previous announcement here, but in short they are a project that lets anyone without coding experience create community-centric economies through their powerful and low cost DeFi platform.

Although Ethereum is typically regarded as the go to platform for DeFi development, Fuse is leading the way in terms of actualizing the positive social forces enabled by this technology.

Here are some examples of projects that are launched with Fuse, and you can see for yourself how aligned this community and ecosystem is with truly touching the real world in a meaningful way.

GoodDollar - on a mission is to leverage market forces for “social investing” and Economic empowerment in order to actually provide people with basic needs.

More information on GoodDollar specifically to come 😉.

Peepl eat - a peer to peer local restaurant ordering system designed to not to make uber-profits but instead to pass the value to the local restaurants and community of bicycle delivery servers. Peepl is using one of the most fundamental human experiences “eating food” to create a more inclusive and robust local economy.

The list goes on, including projects designed to make charitable donations more efficient, build regenerative economies in smaller island economies, and experiment with social-welfare models for a community's well-being.

These aren’t some ICO and go projects either, they are real projects, with real communities, and real users (hence the traffic spikes).

As for the protocol team themselves, with over 1000 communities (different tokens created on its platform) and token bridges to both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain know a thing or two about supporting a diverse user base while remaining chain-agnostic.

So far, Fuse and native-applications like GoodDollar have driven 10’s of millions of relays per day. Thereby, generating 100k+ of POKT revenue from serving those requests every day.

Their unique experience will be invaluable when it comes to DAO to DAO support as we grow together, experiment with new economic models enabled by Pocket Network and of course as we continue activating decentralized infrastructure around the world.

Needless to say, as a project that cares deeply about how the effects of blockchain technology can make a positive social impact on real people, and with teams and communities who have experiences & projects mutually beneficial to each other, we are more than excited for this announcement!

Making Social Impact Unstoppable

With Pocket Network now supporting Fuse and their applications, our node operators are working to provide rock solid and unstoppable infrastructure for Fuse. In return they are rewarded for their service in POKT.

Because of the way POKT economics works, we can expect to see many more new nodes joining Fuse as traffic from the network grows, which in turn adds more and more redundancy, censorship resistance, and opportunity for applications to grow without incurring huge costs. This virtuous cycle will make these virtuous missions technologically unstoppable.

Why Stop at Unstoppable?

In addition to everything mentioned above, Fuse will also be a wPOKT initial launch partner, meaning regen farmers that participate in the data farming program will also be subsidizing relays for Fuse's network and ecosystem of applications.

Imagine a world where projects working towards making the world actually a better place can have their infrastructure subsidized by everyone else. wPOKT <> FUSE can make that a reality.

Get Involved

For Developers:

Go mint a Fuse endpoint from the Pocket Portal today.

It literally only takes a few clicks, as seen in this walkthrough.

For Node Runners:

Join Pocket's discord and start supporting Fuse.

For Fuse App Users:

Don't worry about minting an endpoint yourselves.

We've collaborated with Fuse to sponsor a public endpoint capable of supporting up to 3M relays per day:


Here's a quick video on how to add it to your MetaMask wallet, so you can interact with Fuse DApps in a private and decentralized way:

Stay tuned in for more developments!